March 11th, 2014


Still Harping On Riga...

...And actually, still recovering. My feet  are frelled. The cobblestones there are intense, so if you have any mobility problems, you really have to take care, and everyone should take some painkillers along!
Here's somebody else's photo of Big Christopher, down by the river. He is, when you get close, actually pretty big. maybe 9-10 feet tall. I thanked him for my safe journey. Hope he's diligent in protecting the drunks of Riga, as, in many places, there's no railing, you can just go right down the steps into the water, and there are any number of pubs and clubs all along there.
big chris

I'm sitting indoors waiting for The Bug Woman from the council. When R came in to feed Amazy while I was away, she found a huge invasion of ants all over the kitchen! Ugh. It's always a bit of a problem, in this building, but the change of weather must have really livened them up. R put down some traps, but there are still a fair number around the cat food, so it must be a heavy infestation. *Sigh*

Here are my travel notes & skritches:
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