March 1st, 2014


Sucks Being Old...

Listening to Claire Balding on R4 early this morning, out trekking with a group of sixty-somethings who've been hiking together for years. One lady remarked that as you get older you tend to get all fearful, if you don't fight it. That sure applies to me! I always was a bit wimpoid, but now I find that every little thing out of my comfort zone unsettles me, like this sweating bullets for weeks over travel tickets, getting to the airport/finding and getting on a plane, etc. all alone...
I went to Victoria again, and this time the correct coach bay was located and confirmed. I feel slightly less hysterical, now.
I'm only taking a smallish backpack. I really don't want to be arsed with a case. I can wear several layers,without packing them. I think it's going to be chilly there.
Watched Q, because I saw a post were the blogger said they'd seen a frightening film by that name..This one turned out to be a pretty plotless saga of gormless teens fornicating incessantly in an angsty Gallic fashion. I suppose it was fairly explicit, but it didn't do a lot for me... It didn't scare me, either. I think the online person must have  seen the oldie Q, THE WINGED SERPENT, which I quite like, largely because the flying dragon has its nest in the Chrysler Building
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