February 27th, 2014


Goin' Nuts...

Latest pre-travel disaster: I had near enough 100 Euros stashed away...They cannot be found! I know where they should be, but they ain't. Heaven help me. I changed some money this morning, but I can't bloody afford this. It's mad.
I also feel I'm getting another cold. Sore throat this morning and lots of sneezing.
To distract myself from fear and lunacy, I watched THOR, which wasn't all that. It had that 'video-game' look, and not enough Loki. As these things go, MAN OF STEEL was far superior. IMO
It's also beginning to look like my specs with new lenses aren't going to arrive before I go to Riga.. I'm currently wearing an old 'spare' pair, wot I can't see very well with, and they are ugleee. At least since my face got thinner I don't look quite as much like Ronnie Barker in them as I used to, but I don't go much on my chances of erotically ensnaring some rich mittel-European  mature hottie...

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