February 26th, 2014

dot cotton

Fretful Geriatric

Knackered. The insomnia is back, and I lay there half the night sweating about getting to Riga, while those annoying children's broadcasts chirped away on the World Service. I know once I get there and get caught up in gawking at the architecture etc., I'll be OK. It's the actual travel that terrifies me...and what if I faint/puke at the airport from the anxiety?, etc. etc.. etc. What fools these mortals be. Of course, the cure for this nonsense is just to feckin' do it.
Even my mother went back on her own to revisit Australia, when she was about 70, and she was totally certifiable.
...Oh, I'd forgotten that Richard Wagner was in Riga for some time, but had to flee from creditors. A stormy voyage evidently inspired some of the FLYING DUTCHMAN score.

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