February 19th, 2014


Truly Annoying...

This week has been one low-grade vexation after another. I am STILL intermittently full of cold, and feeling very feeble. Exercise has been sooo difficult.
I guess I'm finished with choir; tonight will be the third rehearsal I've missed. Boy, I wish they hadn't moved  to the new venue...although for those who can get there easily, it really is much nicer tan the dank church with the crap acoustics. I feel, of course, like a failure.
I finished watching series 3 of THE BORGIAS, which is outlandish and very entertaining.
I had to get new lenses, and the cost, even with pensioner's discount, HC2, and another discount from Boots, was just shockingly huge  They didn't have any decent frames, either (under £300-) It's frightening. When what little money I have is gone, I won't be able to afford to see any more.Grizzle.
The bad tooth  is already acting up again, and root canal looms
R has been absent from the dog park, all week, but she, and a lot of other dogs and owners appeared today. Tis local eejit, just trying to be friendly, asked if I was R's fucking MOTHER...Now she looks about 60, so I guess since my weight loss, I must look around 80! She roared with exultant mirth, of course, and commented that people ask her that all the time!  Well I guess it beats being taken for her husband, as another local once supposed!
The eejit also reckoned I had to be Polish or Russian, could not possibly be English. Godspodi!  The whole scene just made my day... I mean seriously, R is a wreck...ergo...
To top it off, I'm still unbearably hungry all the flamin' time! How am I ever going to lose the rest of my deathfat?
And no, I did not schlep my snot-oozing self to Balham in the drizzle to show my creased, drooping face at the ATOS protest. Yes, I am ashamed.
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