February 17th, 2014


Boring, But Must Vent...

Got on the 87 bus at Clapham Junction, after a fairish wait, and behind a gang of fit youngsters who don't know nuffin' 'bout queueing. The seats with trolley space were both occupied by one gaga old bloke sprawled across them No point in saying anything to him, the lights weren't even on. Sooo, I sat on the other side  (there was no standing- with trolley room-) That's problematic when it gets really full, and it did. You then  have to get up and invite people to take the window seat, as you have to old on to bloody trolley on the outside. Then, of course came Yummy Mummy with 'sacred spawn' in giant yuppie pushchair. The old gaga man suddenly sprung into sentience and let her in...Well, she and her drooling progeny are, of course, considered contributors to society, unlike us old gits. THEN came a pompous jobsworth type demanding the squished travellers dig out their bus passes. He decided to harass me about my trolley being dangerous, must be folded...(Can't fold, it's busted, and full of my unbagged groceries.) He said I should move into the (totally chocka) standing space, which was full of jabbering Sacred Spawn. Now the bus was being held up, while he faffed and puffed, and finally I huffed frostily  "I'll WALK!", and got off, making much of my lameness as I disembarked. "Thank you" said Jobsworth smugly. My finger was raised ceremonially. (In all fairness, I only had to walk two stops. but it just wasn't FAIR!...Snivel, so embarrassing, too.)  As I stumped, steaming, down Wandsworth Road, I noticed that it took quite some time for the bus to start up and pass me, so possibly he was tormenting someone else. Cunt.
Also annoying was the disappointment that is new new LIDL bakery. There's no proper German stuff (except for nice pretzels for 39p) Most of the stock is just ordinary. I bought a small baguette, and it tastes like styrofoam. Fap!

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