February 12th, 2014



Second day without exercise. Luckily I got through the show yesterday without feeling too rough. The lurgy tat's been dancing round my nose throat & chest the last couple of weeks has finally settled in. I'm like a solid block of mucous from the shoulders up. So, no way I can produce even my excuse for singing, tonight, not to mention the raging wind and sleety rain out there. That'll be two misses in a row. I think my tenoring days may be numbered..
In other 'news' I had to go back to the dentist with the fucked up filling he did last week, which has been tormenting me. Ha to wait aeons, and then have TWO shots, as  it was so painful, real MARATHON MAN stuff. For the cherry on top, He said that there was a chance he was just going to have to give me another root canal, if this one doesn't behave
By this time, the current tempest had set in, and I opted to walk home in it, as I thought I'd faint waiting at the bus stop. It's only a sort walk, anyway, but I got good and soaking wet. My moutis hanging down gruesomely, and he said not to eat or drink for two hours, of course.... I need coffee! I need it so badly, and I need it NOW!!!
Maybe if I draw something extra-spiteful about R, it will divert me from obsessing about it, until I can hit the caffeine...
Oh, the scanner seems to be going into swoon mode, as well. Joy...

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