February 7th, 2014


Maybe I Should Resist. I'm A Fool, I Know...

Spent all my book token money on things I didn't want all that much. Thing is, I can get them much cheaper online, so I tend to go to Foyles and buy posh  stationery, like a notebook  to take to Riga.
I think there's something wrong with the filling I got on Wednesday. Maybe it's just  sensitive because of going in right next to the new crown, but it keeps giving me little 'electric shocks' Fap!
R was bending over the pathway rescuing worms. I walked next to her...Suddenly, she let rip with this brain-busting shriek, like in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (Cartoon to come...) and leapt at me and the trolley, trying to push me off the pavement. I was terrified, thought a wind-blasted tree was coming down on us. She angrily replied I'd nearly trod on one of the worms she was trying to save. Then she did exactly the same thing again, nearly shoving me into the mud, and griping about how I wasn't listening to her, and had almost fatly flattened another (quite dead!) worm... I wish someone had filmed this.

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