February 4th, 2014


An Artist Date With The Chapmans...

Nice crisp day for strolling by the Serpentine. The Come and See exhibit was a bit cramped,messily laid out, with too many people, but I enjoyed it. I get pissed off with their facile jokes at times, but in general, I quite like the Chapmans.  In addition to the vitrines of teeny agonised model-train figures tormenting each other, etc. there were a lot of constructions featuring sex acts and stuff performed by crude, sloppily torn and painted cardboard figures. This is where I get enviously thinking. "I could do that, easily, and be rich and famous too"...I didn't do it, though, did I? Fap.
There was a film, as well, featuring David Thewlis, Rhys Ifans, and all manner of grossness. I t was OK, but seemed to go on forever. I'm not sure I saw it all, but I saw enough.All in all, though it was worth checking out, and  free

H is still having physio, but isn't  fixed yet. Still, I've nagged her into doing three  bargain nights in Paris, in early April. It's an uncomplicated journey, we've both been there before, and there are several excursions included, so we'll be with the tour manager, if, gods forbid, any falling down takes place. I reckon it might help to get her travelling confidence back.
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