February 3rd, 2014


More Senior Moments....

Wombled off to the Serpentine Gallery to catch the Chapman brothers' show, which took aeons, as there are road works yet again. I'd forgotten that it's closed Mondays..."Holy Mother of Fuck!" Must go back tomorrow, It finishes the ninth, I think...
I'm having problems sending my 24 hour comic to the site I used last time, so here goes...They're out of order,and I can't sort them..or put 'em behind a cut, because I'm bloody stupid, OK?...Which reminds me, my hard drive seems to be full. I've dumped some stuff, but it doesn't help. What should I do? I do so wish I had an IT slave at my beck and call, and yes, I know about Control Alt Delete but not much else.
Got around to watching the end of THE BRIDGE without nodding off. Criminy, how could she DO that!? Saga is one of the coolest characters ever,though, and it's through my empathy with  her that I've realised just what an 'on the spectrum' gurl I am, and accepted it. I really, really like her. (Maybe I'm not all that bad, either?)  Anyway, it left us twisting in the wind, of course. What next? When?
Also caught up on ROCOCO, which is very entertaining, so far...but why do the camera's so often focus on Waldemar Januszcack's plodding feet?  And that barnet! Oi, Janusczak, NO!  (Yeah, I should talk, I know...)

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