February 2nd, 2014


Just Wearyin'....

Glad I whipped myself into attending the 3-hour choir workshop with the composer who's doing a piece for them. It was tedious and frightening, but if I hadn't gone, I'd be way behind.
DVD of the week was PACIFIC RIM. I'd been expecting entertaining trash with excellent state-of-the-art monsters and robots, but it was very boring total shite and a waste of Idris Elba. Avoid..
I also saw MAMA, which is not bad at all, and provided several feet-off-the-floor frights.
Anyone who hasn't seen DRAG ME TO HELL might want to catch up with it tonight on Channel 4. I don't usually care for comedy/horrors but this is one of the exceptions; hilariously gruesome and great fun, wit real scares, too.
I did my 24 hour comic, but have not the strength to scan it just now.

uncle scrooge
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