January 29th, 2014


Oh Groan...

Bloody INSOMNIA again...It's nearly 3 AM, and in desperation I've arisen from my festering pit, hoping a bit of faffing around will help. I am now drinking an Options hot choclate with ginger, not bad. Amazy insists it's breakfast time. Obama sounds desperate.
Does anyone have a smart TV.? What are they like? Worth it?  Just idly wondering. The DVD player on my combi has gone on the fritz, Wonder if it's worth getting it repaired, or should I upgrade? (Like I can afford such shit...)
Think I've watched enough of HELIX to decide I'm unimpressed. It reminds me a bit of THE WALKING DEAD, in that the gross bits are quite well done, but there's nothing at all  in the story or the cardboard characters to hold the interest.
There is one woman who is astonishing in her normality (this is a US show-) She's a bit chubby,with very bad hair, minimal makeup and no 'feminine' flouncing. I can't believe it's episode three and she's still alive. Oh, and hasn't wotisname out of LOST aged a lot?
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Day After...

Feeling very strange, and my throat is acting up...(self sabotage because of impending choir practise?) I've got some Covonia left over from last winter, so I'll try that.
I have not been to the outdoor (wet-) OR indoor gym. Very bad me, but hey, I was down there on Christmas Day, for fuck's sake. Gotta skive sometime.
I've spent the afternoon allowing the cat to sprawl on the bed with me (wheeze...) while I watched BRIDESMAIDS, which actually made me laugh out loud several times. I just don't care for comedies, as a rule, especially rommy ones.
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