January 12th, 2014


Dental Distress...

Yes, I have to get a new crown. The problem is one of my front teeth, and I'm thinking of changing the ugly gold crown for a porcelain one, but it costs bloody £400! I suppose it's stupid even thinking about cosmetic dentistry at my age, and with all my other defects, not to mention the fact I can't afford it, but..I do wish my parents had shelled out for the braces we needed when I was a kid. I've had to spend my good years looking like a bucktoothed horse, and my sister's gob is even more of a mess. God knows what modern adult braces cost. I shouldn't even be thinking of it, but I am still kind of considering whitening, though. They just look so horrid...Vanity of vanities.
The receptionist, who's a bit plump, said she's seen me passing the surgery recently, and had been dying to speak to me, because I'd given her such inspiration, and how did I do it...I told her about the daily exercise part, but didn't mention my operation. Don't really know why...I guess I just figured that being she's  only  a couple of stone 'overweight' if that, and gastric sleeves and stuff really don't apply in her case. She's sold on the outdoor gym, anyway.
The new series of THE BRIDGE is rockin'.

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