January 7th, 2014


The Wind And The Rain...

Got caught in a downpour and spookily strong winds downstairs; was really quite afraid the Sholley and I were going to be knocked down flat. Weird stuff.
My poor sister in upstate NY is currently snowed in up to the windows,and cabin-feverish. It looks totally uncanny.
Choir is cancelled tomorrow. YAY! I really don't feel up to it. Looks like we're moving to the (admittedly lovely-)venue by the Common, too. It's not that far, but I don't know if it will be practical walking there every week, at night, in the winter. Well, we'll see...
Watched an interesting documentary, WAGNER, GENIUS IN EXILE, featuring the composer's rather dishy artist/photographer great-great grandson, Antoine. Worth seeing.
Haven't seen BENEFITS STREET yet, but it sounds as horrible as feared, and has inspired a shitstorm of pauper hate on Twitter, etc., etc. I'm honestly starting to despair of this country. If I were younger, and not so hopeless at languages, I think I'd head for Serbia.
Did catch SECRETS OF THE LIVING DOLLS, about men who like to drag up in these special bodysuits and (scary!) masks, that give the illusion of smoother feminine skin. Not a pretty sight. If I saw one at night, I think I'd pass out. Still, whatever floats your boat...

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