January 5th, 2014



Nothing in particular; just feeling all languid and chronically fatigued and such.Weather's turning again, after a dry morning. London has certainly been very lucky so far, in the 'winter storm' season.
I discovered that for £20 more, I could book the Riga trip, for 5 March, which I did, thinking there probably won't be snow on the ground, and that point. I just hope I'm doing the right thing. The prospect of travelling solo is so frightening to me, nowadays. I'm not that scared of what will happen when I get there, it's the prospect of getting to the airport,getting on the flight, etc that freaks me out. Don't like the actual flying much, either. To top it off, takeoff is about 6AM!
MY BTinternet mail thing has shut me out yet AGAIN. Anyone who wants to contact me, better use dullegriet69@aol.com. SO annoying....
The new series of THE BRIDGE looks promising. I really like Saga. I can relate to her communication difficulties. Good to have some decent Scandi Noir back on telly.

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