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Turning To Steam...

Left just after seven, so had time to kill mooching, sitting on the Mall, etc., rather than risk being late again. (So, natch, the event was late. I don't know what was going on in Cinema 1, but it ran well over. Briefly encountered jinty , who had heroically trekked from Oxford in the melty miasma to see this thing. I was a bit worried about being able to get some kind of comfortable seat, and I was right. While I was in the queue,  just leaning against the wall zombieing  a woman ostentatiously presented me with a chair, which I din't need. However, there really are no proper seats for the likes of me inside. I thought I was OK , at first, but hadn't reckoned on being hemmed in on either side by a wheelchair and a largish latecomer.  By the time the panel ended  was in a world o' pain, (and had been too scrunched to write or doodle, too...Feck!) I asked if I could perch on the  usher's flap, but no, they won't let you. Some guy was forced to offer to switch seats, because  there was 'more leg room' back where he was, but I've sat back there, before, and the fact that there's an inch or so more, doesn't  affect the fact that my arthritic hips are jammed so tightly by the chair arms that my arthritic knees are inevitably trust up against the row in front, and after a while, it's biiig owies. .. The well-meaning staff were very loud in their  futile efforts to assist, and the mortification was major. I dread going back for the other events in there. now.

Actually, I became suffused with probably irrational anger...Really; my 'disabilities' are way low down on the scale, and I've only been this bad for a few years. What must it be like for those with lifelong, very immobilising conditions? No wonder crips have shoulderchips.

End of rant. I'd like to grizzle on, but it's too damn hot. The panel was excellent, despite my agonies making concentration difficult. The director of the film was completely incomprehensible to me, though. I think he's Mexican? I got the impression that it was being transcibed, though. Perhaps it'll turn up in Comics Journal.

THE MINDSCAPE OF ALAN MOORE is a real gem; funny, inspiring,thought-provoking, perhaps a little scary, and rather moving. Moore is a born star. Just sit him down and let him run, which is basically what they've done, with the well-handled addition of mesmerising visuals and sound.  It would certainly benefit from re-viewing in more salubrious conditions, probably more than once.

I must add that it was reasonably cool in the cinema, with plenty of nice breezy wafts. It only started to get sauna-y very near the end, thank Glycon.


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