December 24th, 2013

sad scrooge

A Morbid Little Christmas...

My melancholy is really sittin' on brood this year. Usually I prefer a solo Christmas, to the forced festivities, but I feel sad at the moment. This time last year, I was nervously awaiting my gastric sleeve op.and already fasting. (Turned out this was not entirely necessary-) This year, much lighter and more mobile , but grievously aged in appearance, and eternally a bit queasy, I've had a chicken/avacado. sarnie from Pret, and am working my way through a sherry trifle with the cream skimmed off. Amazy shouldn't,really,  but yes, she got some of it. A fair bit of fake Jagermeister has, and will be, drunk.
'Twas a rough night. Three medium-sized trees went down in the dog park. Haven't been to the Common, but expect there's a fair bit of carnage, there.
I hauled my trolley out of the way to let this very old black man with a lovely gentle face pass more easily on the bus,He  blessed me and wished me a Happy New Year. Cockles warmed.
Had IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE on for wallpaper. It's one of those films that everyone loves, but I find a bit sickening. The guy should have got out of that hellhole and had a life. It always pissed me off when he saw how his wife would have ended up without him, too..."She's an OLD MAID!"  IMO she would have been lucky. I fell asleep halfway, too, and dreamed of George and family arriving in Paris, no doubt through snatching all the money given to him by the grateful townsfolk.
Channel 5 showed that bloody colourised SCROOGE Yet again, but I still like it. When the reformed Scrooge goes nervously  to his nephew's house, and, egged on by the sweet-faced little maid, joins the party, I always have my seasonal *snurt*...I saw part of the animated  uncanny-valley version the other day, with Jim Carrey playing virtually all the parts. God alive, that is UGLY.
I had been rather looking forward to THE WHALE, but it was rubbish. Takes some doing to render such a hair-raising RL adventure quite so bland and boring.
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