December 23rd, 2013


It's Not Just Me...

The dead fox was still there at 11:00AM, and the rubbish vans had been round. I rang the council to ask them to take it away because it was freaking me out - er-"It's not nice for the children to see that on the way to school." Turns out there had already been several calls about it
R Next Door came around to exchange gifts, and tell me I don't look well.
The queasiness continues, and I feel pretty low.
I went to the shops this morning just to go somewhere, but in the area, as it was obviously going to get really stormy, and it did.
Must say that the Christmas compilations on a loop in the supermarkets are extremely grim this year. I keep being assaulted by the sickly DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? gargled violently by the late Whitney Houston, or someone imitating her. God, that's rank...I wish they'd stop overplaying FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK, too. It's a masterpiece, but they're doing their best to kill it.

Oh, the vomitrociousness.!.
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