December 21st, 2013

sad scrooge

Dog park Dustup...


That R can be a really evil cow. She says that it's only to keep him from getting injured trying to mix in with the heavyweights, and it could save his life, if he's afraid to disobey her, but I kinda doubt that smacking him after the event does any good. Even Ziggy's person, the spaced out-looking Scots guy, seemed distressed at her violence. (Ziggy is one of the muscle boys who were brawling.)
I'm fucking nauseous again. That's one bad thing about the surgery. You're supposed to make sure you eat lots of healthy, high protein stuff, but when I get one of these phases, all I can tolerate is biscuits, crisps and cake!
It's pretty miserable outdoors, and I didn't go anywhere after my 'workout'. I'm starting to feel sad...
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