December 20th, 2013


Viennese Artist Date...


A lovely crisp day. Went to the West End, where I had a quick mooch in the National Gallery, before taking in the  Viennese Portrait exhibit. Might have been foolish, as I got a bit tired, and started to get that fainty feeling again. Nothing serious though, and the show was really worthwhile; quite a few pictures I'd never seen, and plenty of morbidity, death masks, etc, which is always good.
So expensive, though. Ten squid even with OAP discount. (Until a year or so ago, they always sullenly asked for proof of my geriatric/crip status...not any more.
I really like that blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square, more and more. They should keep it.
On the other hand, the still-huge pile of floral tributes, etc. honouring Mandela, in Parliament Square only draws attention to what a rubbish statue of him that it.