December 19th, 2013


Beyond Belief...

Well, I wasn't looking forward to the choir concert, but this is really uncalled for. I hadn't eaten, and was feeling a bit seedy, but tought nothing of it. We stood all through the rehearsal, though, and I was by then feeling a bit lightheaded as well.
The concert itself wasn't quite as grim as I'd feared, until I began to feel all sweaty and fainty. I tried to soldier on, but it wasn't getting any better, so I thought Id better walk off the line and sit in a pew for a bit. (Oh the mortification-) I did manage to get up for the next number, but sang like a sewer, and mostly just goldfished on to the end. Jesus! Oh well, it gave me a good excuse not to hang around for the doubtless excruciating wine and nibbles afterwards. Now, of course, I'm in a big hypochondriac fret. Shit.  Weird weather is setting in, too.

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