December 16th, 2013

muffler scrooge

Seasonal Grumps...

Must say LIDL copywriters have a real gift for composing creepy brochures and ads..."Our beloved turkeys live wonderful, pampered lives, but you know, Christmas is Christmas!" (Photo of deceased and roasted bird on platter-) BWAH HaHa!
Got my expected Christmas Greeting from HM Customs & Revenue (Yes, they tax your paltry state pension...) It always pisses me off, they way they sock you with these unpleasantries just on the brink of a major holiday. Oh, and don't forget the jovial reminder that if you don't cough up by 31 Jan, you'll be fined. Bite my wrinkly bogtrotter bum, ya kuntz!
Saw a very interesting and rather moving tribute to Lou Reed on BBC 4. This really has been a bad year for the passing of the famous. Peter O'Toole (who I suppose was quite lucky to have made 81...) and Joan Fontaine yesterday.
Saw CAESAR MUST DIE, about inmates in an Italian high security wing putting on a version of Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR. These were some seriously tough-looking characters, but all seemed to have real talent and sincere appreciation of the arts. The guy playing Brutus was especially good, and I was glad to see that he's been pardoned for whatever felony he was in for, and is now acting professionally.
R Next Door continues her latest weird, withdrawn thing. If I speak to her she's polite, but then just disappears before any real conversation can take place.
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