December 5th, 2013


Red Sky At Morning...

Dunno about these 'severe weather warnings'. Nothing due down here for a while, but there certainly is a strangely threatening dawn this morning...
I don't see any change in my veiny leg, and it was stinging like hell all day yesterday. The stocking cuts into my weirdly misshapen leg, and all. i walked a fair bit, as instructed, and did upper bod stuff in the 'gym', but as the day wore on, I started feeling crook, and didn't feel like schlepping down to choir, which was meeting in the scabby pub. My bad.
Like many other RIPPER STREET fans, I am shocked at its being cancelled. Not Fair! It's top notch trash, with the most entertaining dialogue since DEADWOOD. Sign the petitions, everyone!
I really think my scanner has a dybbuk or something. There seems to be no reason for its frequent  conk-outs, and weird messages...
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wtf cat


It really is strange outdoors, although London isn't supposed to get much weird weather.
To keep my leg moving, I ventured down to the South Bank for a stroll, complete with Village Idiot Hat. I'm glad I wore it, as the wind was pretty intense. The rather glum Christmas stalls are up. Lots of tempting food, at completely absurd prices, but nothing else you'd actually want to buy. I don't know how these little businesses survive. Has anybody ever bought a wooden necktie? I sniffed around the Oxo Tower as well. They have lots of little bou_IMG_NEW-tiques, jewellry shops and galleries, with some quite attractive things, but, again, who has the kind of money they're asking? And nice as it is, what would you do with that stuff?
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