December 2nd, 2013


I Won!

skadamowinnerbutton2013Well, everyone who took part at all won. which is nice. I really did  complete the 'challenge', but couldn't bloody scan. Still can't. Oh, the frustration...
I also wanted to show off my  first Christmas Card, courtesy of andyluke at the MCR. He's made his own this year, and there were several different ones. I got "ApocalypChristmas" which is outstandingly grotesque. Brill. Hope to scan it eventually, but I think the scanner might have really crapped out this time. No sign yet of revival.
Had me veins foam-injected, and no, it wasn't painful at all, really, just like an ordinary flu jab or something. They didn't even give me a local, which was threatened in the preparatory pamphlet. I was mortified to be told I have 'unusually shaped legs'. (I've heard this before-) I don't know if that's just because I is fat, or if they're saying I have some sort of actual deformity. Anyway, I come between two sizes of surgical stocking (no bandages, either-) and the smaller one they put on me is cutting into my leg a bit. They let me go home on the bus, as well, thank the gods, and I didn't have to pay for the taxi they insisted on the phone that I would have to have. They do contradict themselves a lot, these medical people. A bit worrying.
Thrill of the day was getting into the dreaded hospital gown, which did up, with no problem. Slightly snug across the 'apron', but I didn't have to walk around with my arse hanging right out. Yipee.
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