November 26th, 2013


The Barbification Of Josie...

I was watching yet another of those fat hatred shows last night. This one was GOT THIN,GOT FAT AGAIN, gloating at yoyo dieters. One of the best known of these  is Josie Gibson. She's one of the few BIG BROTHER alumnae to actually make a steady media career. I haven't been following her tabloid articles, DVDs, etc, but I remembered being impressed by what a striking natural beauty she was, while in The House.
josieBBOf course, she considered herself fat and
Once out in the 'real' celeb world, she started glamming up, but with the heady lifestyle and romantic ups and owns, she gained a couple of stone.
She was then villified by the press for allowing herself to be seen running, and sitting legs akimbo on a beach, in a pink bikini.
Unflattering phoios were all over the place, and her pillock boyfriend was afraid to go to the pub, where everyone called him 'the fatty fucker'.

Soo, poor Josie knew she had to take herself in hand and mend her chubster ways. Here she is, 'triumphant'...
josiebarbieThis picture doesn't even capture how strange she now looks. In addition to becoming absurdly skinny, she seems to have had a lot of 'procedures', and doesn't look anything like the gorgeous strapping wench she once was. Cushy Butterfield goes Morticia. Poor kid.

Wonky Sketch...

Can't get it to sit straight on the scanner. R Next Door continues to fight the council over the new fire doors. Most people gave in about six months or so ago. If they're gonna do it.after all the petitions, etc. I reckon you might as well just accept it. There's really plenty else to worry about...Of course, I wasn't raised in an Austrian castle to expect everyone to defer to me, even though I'm now just another skint council tenant.
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