November 6th, 2013

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Frightened Old Lady...

Had a very disrupted and tedious journey to see the MAGIC FLUTE rehearsal last night. I did manage to get there  in time for the curtain (it was amazingly packed-) and just as we were going in, a chanting crowd was seen marching down Charing Cross Road to Whitehall. We didn't know at that point what was going on...
When the show (of which, more later-) ended, I waited with a bunch of other fretful folk for an 87 bus. About half an hour passed, nobody knew anything, the usual.There were helecopters, though,and lots of sirens, ambulances, etc. Somebody said the 87s weren't running at all... I began hobbling homewards, nowt else for it. (There were a lot of other tottery old farts around, leaning wearily on their sticks. I hope they had money for taxis. I certainly didn't...)  As I toiled down Whitehall, I noticed a small group of drunk people blocking the pavement. One nearly tripped me up with a "Save Our NHS" placard. Hey, I'm on your side, wanker...
Must say, I thank the gods for the outdoor gym, and my NHS gastrectomy. A year and a half  ago, I don't know what I would have done, just lay down on the pavement and died, I think. It was bad enough as it was.
The 'quickest ' thing seemed to be to wobble over Westminster Bridge and see if I could get a 77 opposite St Thomas', where,if I collapsed, I'd at least be in the right place. I was buzzed all the way across, by several motherfucking young monkeys, damn them     
on 'Boris' bikes and skateboards braying as they whizzed as close as possible. (Graze the Granny!)
Miraculously unscathed, I did eventually get a 77 the rest of the way home. I got in at about 10:30, and never has instant chai latte tasted better.
This is what was going on:
As for MAGIC FLUTE, it was a delightful, quite original production, with some extremely impressive projections. The fire and water trial was stunning, as was the serpent. The orchestra (and unlucky people in the stalls) took active part, Papageno stole the show,as usual, and all in all, it was super.

Oh yes, I have done my daily sketch, but the scanner has gone down.  (Heaves weary sigh-) Fuck.

Yesterday's Doodle...

Started the day getting drenched in the dog park when the light drizzle suddenly turned to a downpour. Little did I know what 'fun' was in store after the ENO rehearsal later._IMG_NEW
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Press Coverage...

Well, considering all the disruption it caused. That demo yesterday didn't get much media attention. Bah.
Had to take a tramadol to do my routine this morning, but otherwise OK.
Choir practise was a bit of an effort; due to a cock-up, it started out in the pub (stairs, yes-) and halway through, we had to trek out to the new arts centre (More feckin' stairs, but not very steep-) It's a lovely room, much comfier than the dank church, with upholstered seats. The leader seemed keen, but I don't think they've made a decision.
Walking back wasn't as much of a problem as I'd feared, as the lighting on the street that takes me back to Wandsworth Road is quite good, and there are several pubs and takeaways, so it's not spookily deserted. It is a longish walk, though, but if the weather's decent, I can manage. Hey ho.