October 25th, 2013


EASTENDERS "Spoiler"...

...Although it's unlikely that any tellyaddict types don't already know...EE's leading psychovillain Michael Moon is due to die 'orrible next week.
So dull has the soap become, that my main pleasure in it recently  has been watching his increasingly outrageous gurns and twitches. Oddly, Google didn't offer any proper Moon grimaces, but here we have a couple of examples of his default sinister eyebrow- hitch. My favourite Moon moue, however, is the slitty-eyed crocodile smile.
DVDs of the week included the last two acts of GOTTERDAMMERUNG in a 1985 production, conducted by James Levine, with Siegfried Jerusalem and other A-list Wagnerians. Quite good, needless to say.
Then there was BLOOD FOR IRINA, a truly excruciating wankfest, only about an hour long, but seeming oh, so much longer. It was the creation of Chris Alexander, editor of FANGORIA and his friends and family. Do not let this tempt you into believing it might be interesting. No.
On the other hand, THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT, directed by Renny Marlin, and inspired by a well-known RL woowoo event, had decent characterisation, and very good atmosphere. I found it pretty disturbing, actually
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