October 22nd, 2013


A Date With Durer...

Totally spent. I thought I'd have my artist date for the week before the deluges commence, and decided on the Young Durer exhibit of drawings & engraving at the Courtauld...A nice, short, one-bus journey... Several 87s passed by, and I asked the next driver what was going on. He grunted something about "Diversions. The top of Whitehall is a big hole, now"  I don't remember being notified of this. Anyway, I got on to go as far as Parliament Square, where we were decanted with no information about how/where to get the buses that were actually going round the back way to te Aldwych. It was a shambes of course, and nothing would stop anywhere, sooo, I ended up walking most of the way from the far side of Parliament Square, to the gallery. I suppose it would be no trouble for the still-young and fit, but for an old crip/crock like me, even with half of my deathfat shed, and a Tramadol taken, it was hard work. So feckin' HOT, too, it ain't natural, etc.
I had considered going to the Viennese Portraits show at the NPG, instead, but I had a Durer head on, by the time we got dumped, and nothing else would do, today.
By the time I got there, I was so weary I just wanted to sit and drink lots of coffee, really, but it was a very interesting show, and I enjoyed it. (I don't remember seeing those doodles he used to do of his legs. I do that!) Not too crowded, either.
Booked my ticket to see Rory Kinnear's NT HAMLET at the Clapham Picture House next Monday afternoon. It cost £11.00, but I've been so impressed by his work in various things I've seen recently, that I want to catch up with some of his Shakespeare. Even in COUNT ARTHUR STRONG, he made 'Michael', who basically exists to be stooge to the clownish old git, a rounded personality who you actually kinda care about.



I STILL WANT JUNK FOOD, dad-blast it...
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