October 19th, 2013


Movie Week...

Watched the final two episodes of the PARADISE trilogy, the second FAITH is about the Bible-punching sister of the sex tourist in LOVE, who spends her holiday touring tenements populated by bemused immigrants, drunks, and nutters, with a huge statue of the Virgin Mary, trying to turn them on to Catholicism. At home,she has to deal with her estranged husband, a Muslim, now in a wheelchair after an accident,who keeps hassling her for a reconcilliation.
Finally, in HOPE, the beach-boy enthusiast's teenage daughter, who is a bit plump, is packed off to a gloomy 'fat camp' where she becomes obsessed with the handsome but weird middle-aged doctor, who leads her on, then dismisses her when things start getting out of hand. Whew.
All pretty hard work.
Also saw THE FACILITY, a not-bad horror about people going tonto on a medical trial, and SMILEY, a very, very crap horror,involving dopey teens. Do not even consider it.
These  jiffy BRIDE doodles were meant for a charity 'jam', but I think I missed it, so here they are.
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