October 14th, 2013


Another Bad Day...

I really am depressed. The odd job man was very helpful, and I've finally got my shoe storage thing assembled. This flat is so horribly cramped, though. I'm supposed to have a 'spare' room, which, thank gods I don't have to pay extra for (yet-) because I'm so feckin' old. I don't see how more than one person could possibly manage in this flat, though.
I need a STUDIO, dammit.
I was desperately hungry, and craving for Chinese. I gave in and had a bit, but then I puked!
AND I just couldn't make myself exercise. Bad!!!
Can't do anything, can't bear to think.  Watched a decent horror, THE FACILITY, to distract myself.
Hope this bout of ultra-misery blows over soon.

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