October 10th, 2013


A Terrible Tenor Is Born...

Probably for one night only, but we'll see. I went along to the community choir practise. There were about 50 people, there. There's the  usual shortage of men, and the ones there are are all basses, so the low altos get to be tenors. I sound like a 'small dry voice through the keyhole', with the ravages of age and long-time disuse, but singing's good for you, innit? I'll try and force myself to go back next week.
I read that menthol fags are going to be banned, which rather shocked me. I don't smoke any more, but I did enjoy my More Menthols.. It's such a puritanical world, now. Of course, smoking is Bad, and I'm glad I stopped (could never afford it these days, anyway) but...I still kinda miss it.
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    MY INDIAN RED yet again