October 6th, 2013



R Next Door has decided that she's Not Speaking to me, now. It may have something to do with my neglecting to contain my disgust the last time she went into hysterics about how I should be on YouTube exercising clumsily. Then she asked about Amazy, after the kidney diagnosis and dental money shock. I was feeling ill, and said I couldn't talk about it for a few days, until I felt strong enough to cope with her remarks. (She told me not to have the extraction(s), etc., and was sure the thyroid treatment would cause kidney trouble...) So now it seems we don't talk at all. If I say anything, she just makes frostily polite response. ('I yam well, thankyew.')  It's bizarre, but I'll be really upset if it continues. Abusive as she undoubtedly is, it's nice to have a 'friend' right next door, and she is so good with the animals. I need a break from her now and then, but this is unpleasant. She's also said many times that once she goes off someone, that's it.
I was still coughing and dozy all day yesterday, then couldn't sleep at night, and I'm all coughing again, now. Exercising is really hard._IMG_NEW_IMG_0001_NEW
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