September 25th, 2013


I Be Vex...

Bad news from pal H today. She's been having more and more trouble with falls, recently (She had a couple of scary tumbles in Ghent...) and is having to arrange some horribly expensive specialist physio,unavailable on the NHS,  which, apart from the cost, is hard to come by,so she's waiting for a date. This means no Christmas Market jaunt this year!
I really should go somewhere alone, just to get my nerve back. (Haven't travelled alone in years...) Still, a solo Christmas Market beano is pretty sad. SHIT!  Poor H, too. This is just miserable.
To top it off, I thought the lurgy had passed through me very quickly, but today I feel very bleurgh again. No 'cold' stuff but achy, hot and sickly...not helped by the eckin' steamy weather.
I wasn't bad last night, at least, so was able to enjoy the second and last Dream Drawing class. They really should have had four classes at the very least, though, there just wasn't enough time. He made us do 'Cubomania', definitely not my cup o'tea, but I was starting to get a bit into it, when it was time to go home. We stayed an extra half hour, but no, Not Enough.


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