August 25th, 2013


Still Frettin'...

I'm sure I've got everything, though...except whatever I've forgotten. Listening to the Proms and expecting H to arrive shortly.
Wonder what was up at CAPTION? Look forward to reading all about it when I get home. I expect I'll be offline until Friday.
Today's film was COMPLICITIES, supposedly based on a true story, illustrating research that shows most people will do absolutely anything a supposed 'authority figure' tells them to, however cruel or bizarre. Tis was really OTT, though. Amusingly, the only person who even questioned the 'policeman''s outrageous orders, was a local weirdo type old geezer.
It passed the time, but was really not much cop.
IMG_0114Te other DVD of the week was Bresson's AU HASARD BALTHASAR, one of those classics I've never got round to seeing. It's very good, but terribly upsetting. I don't even wanna think about it. (I'm such a soppy wimp-)
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