August 22nd, 2013


Emotionally Weird...

Horrid humidity rules, and tomorrow threatens to be much worse. At least it's still overcast. It always seems to get steamy for CAPTION, but this year my travel plans are putting the kibosh on my attndance as well. Bah.
I finally finished LIKE A FIERY ELEPHANT, Jonathan Coe's biog of B S Johnson, after about three months of slogging through a few pages every day or so, while reading other, less tedious stuff, as well. This book got terrific reviews, and the subject looked interesting. ...Johnson, a cult writer / presenter in the 60's, was obsessed with THE WHITE GODDESS, and had odd 'mystical' moments, despite being an atheist. Sadly, he was horribly self-destructive, and ended up committing suicide. How could all this be dull? I really can't say, but it was. Terribly.

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