August 16th, 2013


Rant, Gibber...

So very pissed off, although I knew it would happen. BT sent me a message that my line was fixed, yesterday. It wasn't. Frenzied exchanges (" I am a sick old lady..." I'll try anything.) with uncomprehending people in Mumbai, etc. etc.
This morning, a dozy-sounding man rang and asked if there was a problem with my line....* I think I can count on another weekend without phone, internet.etc. This is WRONG!
Just to make things all the jollier, there's a problem about R looking after Amazy, when I go away, in like ten days...Her rich friend is also going away, all of a sudden, and R gets to house-sit. It's a rare pleasure for her to get away from 'zis hellhole' and she wants to take my cat with her and her animals, to stay at her friend's. There's a big spare room where A can be kept away from R's two dogs and domineering cat... R has been feeling so ill, etc. and a few days in the posh house with garden on the 'good' side of the common, just might save her life, whereas coming back to the horrid tower block twice a day to feed Amazy, might just finish her (but she'll do it, if I really insist...). Fucking, sodding hell! Now I get to worry about the cat, while I'm in Belgium!  'Ya wouldn't read about it.'  I'm sure she'll be fine, though. One of R's few virtues is her skill with animals. Still, it's absolutely dizgustipatin', I tells ya. I could wring her scrawny neck.
Ah, that feels a bit better...although not a lot. I have also just been rained on.
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