August 10th, 2013


Agony, Rage, Despair...

Still unable to get through to BT ("20-30 minute wait") and grievously peeved.  I couldn't record the crazy-looking musical comedy POT OF GOLD (?) starring a 1940's James Stewart, for starters. Oh, the vexation...
This week's DVD was A LATE QUARTET about the emotional tsuris of a group of wanky musos. The Christopher Walken character was just about tolerable, but the others were all crying out for a good wet-fish-slapping throughout..
So far this morning, I have collected a poster I ordered (LA STRADA, very lurid, gurning Anthony Quinn,etc. Excellent-) from the Post Office depot, worked out at PureGym. (I really MUST go at least once a week. I'm paying for it, and as gyms go, it's good.)  Outside is so much less horrid, though-) After I try getting through to BT online here, I'll probably join R and the dawgs for some more equipment-pumping in the park. Go me.
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