August 3rd, 2013


Boring Day...

Have been toying with the (yes, too expensive-) notion of going to see PACIFIC RIM at the South
Bank Imax. I have never seen a modern 3D film, and I really fancy this, for the giant monstahs. Anyone fancy going to the noon screening some not-too-hot day, soonish? Also wondering about seeing a matinee of LES MIS, a I've always wanted to see it onstage.
Watched an old film of MICHAEL STROGOFF. BBC1 is showing a lot of interesting old B&W flicks early Saturday mornings...Actually, it wasn't very good, although the fascinatingly decadent Anton Walbrook is always worth watching. It was pretty stodgy, though, and the fight with the bear was a big let down. (Much better in CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, where it impressed me greatly, when I was a little 'un...)
Something bit me in the park, and I don't think it was a mosquito. I've got a huge great sore and itchy bump on my forearm. Hope I don't get Lyme disease or something. And that is the news of the day!
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