July 31st, 2013



Not a good week, so far. I still haven't found my bloody cellphone, which has been missing for weeks, and  I think I've lost £20-30 in cash! I can only hope it was found by some other poor old git, although it was probably picked up by a yummy mummy or bling-encrusted dealer. *Sigh*, can't  belieeeeve it!  Yesterday, I was caught in a serious downpour and soaked to the skin.
There are major leaks in the water pipes here, and they have to keep turning off the supply. Thank the gods mine isn't one of the flats that have beeen flooded (yet-)
R Next Door at least didn't say anything brainpoppingly offensive today (To me, anyway...She was too busy ranting against 'jungle people' and gays! Uh!) Interestingly, it's been several weeks since she had a meltdown about her benefits, and being evicted. I just don't wanna know, at this point! Hopefully, she's actually accepted help from some source, and got it sorted out.
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