July 21st, 2013



Still way too hot and steamy pour moi, but a much less punishing day, yesterday, and less blistering sun. I schlepped the laundry down the road, and strolled back, to check out the Heath Rd  'gym' The (different) guy said it was OK to use it, so I did. Then I decided to indulge...I'd passed a little cafe called The Roastery about ten million times, but never gone in, as it was obviously Not For The Likes Of Me. It's always looked and smelled so inviting, though...So, I had a Flat White for £2.40, and it was the damn-finest coffee I've tasted in YEARS. The service was absurdly slow, but, in fairness, the place was already packed with yuppie breakfasters. The pricey (of course-) food looked incredible. I  sat outside, with an old geezer who seemed amused by my African Print pyjama suit. Yum.

Welcome to my old-lady grousing centre and doodlediary  to the new LJ Friends I gleaned from somehow (?!) crossposting to the fascinating abandonedplaces  community. They were very tolerant about it.

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Bracing Myself...

It wasn't too bad, this morning so I went out early, exercised at both 'gyms', then bleached my hair in preparation for having it chopped tomorrow (So the fuzz will be white instead of the silver/mouse/iron filings weirdness which is what I actually grow nowadays.)
Also dealt with the putrid catbox. A bag of crystals barely lasts a week in this weather, and humidity, of course, helps produce a truly lethal  stench.
Started watching that naughty £3.00 DVD of LES MIS I got on Ebay. Yup, the sound quality is poor.The gods have punished my illegal purchase. It looks OK, though, and I started sniffling  at the Monsignor's candlesticks bit and haven't stopped. I really am getting very soppy in my old age.

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