July 19th, 2013


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R next Door really does take the biscuit. The heat wave has sent her into mania mode. She's even keen to eat, which is completely un-her! She reckons all her arthritis and injury pains are gone, and she's full of energy and optimism. Well, I don't begrudge her, really, but in my weakened state, I  can't uncrabbily endure too much of her crazed opinions. She reckons my arthritis is my own fault for being a lardarse, (like Hashimoto's, etc.  had nothing to do with it...) She's also elated that she's scoffing doughnuts by the pack, but doesn't seem to fear the dia-BEET-eeze that she's sure will strike me down because of my ice lolly habit, etc. etc. Meow!
I'm actually quite scared that the humidity is going up, and it might get up to 35, next week. I'll be unfit for anything but to lie on the bed wrapped in wet sheets all day! Oh well, at least there was a breeze today, and the weekend isn't suppsed to be too bad, so I can gather my strength, what there is of it. Better get my head buzzed Monday, and all.
I've been using my worse-than usual inertia, to go on an orgy of series-watching, nearly finished the good-but-not-great HOUSE OF CARDS, and GAME OF THRONES 3 (Yeeha! Fantabulosa!)
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