July 11th, 2013



Saw a news item this morning that made me strangely nostalgic... When I was about ten, there was a schoolyard craze for 'playing Blackout'. You'd take a number of deep, rapid breaths, them blow down hard on your thumb, which would make you go all weird and giddy; a few kids fainted, briefly. One day, Sister Superior made an announcement over the tannoy that the playing of Blackout was utterly forbidden, and you could die from it. This was quite sombre and scary. Eventually, though,we figured it wasn't true, and the warning was just broadcast to scare us out of doing something interesting. Today's METRO, however, said that a boy had gone into a coma after playing a 'fainting game', and while he recovered, you actually can die. Criminy.
The heat was bearable this morning, but still way to hot for me, and it's getting worse again. Ergo, I am still even crabbier than usual. Fap.
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