July 6th, 2013


Summer, You Suck...

Got up early, and got exercising out of the way, before it got unbearable, but I feel quite sick. It's difficult to do anything at all but sleep, but I can't sleep at night, when its like this. Feh.
Saw the Film Four premiere of Ben Wheatley's A FIELD IN ENGLAND, and liked it a lot, even though the stroby bits nearly gave me a fit. F4 is also showing his excellent  KILL LIST which should be seen, at present. I'd quite like to see Wheatley take on one of my favourites, Peter Ackroyd's HAWKSMOOR, maybe with the lovely Julian Barratt ( who turned in a 'blink' cameo in FIELD,) as the detective...
The animals are all flaked out, and even heat-loving R Next Door admits to a headache.
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