July 2nd, 2013


'Artist Date' Day...

It's a very peculiar sort of day, actually. Thnkfully not too hot, and rather cloudy, but humid, and very spookily still and quiet,   Went downstairs with R and dawgs, to exercise. It was nice to see Foss back, safe and sound....Afterwards, I went along to the ICA to have a look at the KEEP YOUR TIMBER LIMBER show, which was fun. I was rather impressed by the work of Cary Kwok, who  displayed a little roomful of ejaculating hunks  more comical than erotic, IMO, but impressively rendered and detailed, mostly in blue biro! Dunno how he does it. (Oh, BTW, Popeye has spinach-green cum)....There was another small exhibit of recent works by Palestinian artists, by which I was mostly rather baffled, but I did like the collages made by a bloke who stayed in London for a month, and each day, filled an outline of himself with bus tickets, etc. depicting what he'd encountered.   My knees were killing me today,. I had to resort to Tramadol, which didn't help much. Wish the feckin' ICA had a proper lift. I tried to summon the goods lift on the sly, but nothing happened. The people on the desk were busy chatting amonst themselves, and I was embarrassed to ask for 'permission', so I just crawled up and down.  Collapse )Collapse )
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