June 26th, 2013



IMG_0057 I saw this TIMELESS RUSSIA absurdly luxurious rich folks' cruise advertised and I want it, I wanna go while I can still move, a bit.  www.noble-caledonia.co.uk   I just keep reading it over and over. It isn't right that I don't have a measly £4000 to glide away on the Volga Dream...Grump.                   Happened on a little exhibit of Ronnie Wood prints in Bedfordbury, and I really rather like a lot of his stuff...the lithographs, really. They have a nice lively feel about them.  http://www.castlegalleries.com/introducing-ronnie-wood?gclid=CLHTqYevgrgCFQ_LtAod200AyA        Watched the latest version of ANNA KARENINA, and have to admit Kiera Knightly wasn't too bad, perhaps because I've always found Anna such an annoying character, anyway. All in all, it looked good, and I liked it rather better than I had expected to.
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