June 23rd, 2013


Pissed Orf...

The scanner is misbehaving yet again. I wish I understood this stuff. I've mainly been doing spiteful doodles of R Next Door, who has been getting on my nerves... If only she coud devote a fraction of her limited energy to sorting out her benefits, medical care etc. etc. that she does to other people's imagined weight gains, deadly maladies and such, she could be a whole lot better off.
I, of course, am allowing myself to succumb to  dozy inertia, when I should be doing so much. Bah.
No chance of Super Moon viewing due to cloud cover last night. Perhaps it will be a bit better tonight.IMG_0044

Collapse )


IMG_0053 Oops, some of them have popped up, but I can't seem to put them behind the cut. Sorry, I hope this doesn't cause any problems.
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