June 19th, 2013



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IMG_0042Amazy's off her food, and puked on a seat cushion, which I later sat in,  natch. I suppose it's the steamy humidity. What's worse, fresh cat puke or cold?
I was pissed off to find that WALLANDER at the weekend was a repeat. Bah. I've also seen that story twice before, at least, in other versions.
THE WHITE QUEEN is pretty sucky so far. The Wars of the Roses are so  crazily entertaining, surely they could do better than this with them. It's another one from THE TUDORS people. Absurd as it was, THE TUDORS was outrageous enough to be good/bad.This, so far, is just shite, except for Janet McTeer. I keep noticing how modern-looking they all are, and their zippers are all blatantly on show.
Watched a programme about  grotesque porcelain confections so totally overblown, that they actually gave me a sort of nightmare, which I can't now remember. Ahhh!  Sevres  boat vases!

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