June 8th, 2013


Chronic Fatigue Festival...

I have been utterly useless the past few days. If I sit down, I just start nodding. I'm still managing to to my 'workout' in the morning, but not much else. Meh.
Had a nice visit from helenraven on Thursday, bearing a botlle of tres posh champers (very tasty, too!) and a fantastic wooden box (via her dad, who no longer draws-) of very good old drawing and calligraphy nibs, plus other bits & pieces. I certainly intend to have a good fiddle about with them, but I know I'm quite inept, and they might, in the long run, be better served by going to someone who's more skillful with this sort of tool (cleanskies , maybe? any suggestions?)
We watched QUARTET, which I'd been putting off, as it didn't appeal to me much, but as sometimes happens, it turned out much better than expected. Quite charming, without being over-soppy, and it was interesting picking out singers, etc. familiar from my days as a drudge at the Coli, doing cameos. I still suggest checking out the wonderful documentary, TOSCA'S KISS, which obviously inspired it. Amazy had a good time bounding from lap to lap to be fussed, dribbling and shedding enthusiastically.
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Depletion of Deathfat...

Just remembered another little benefit of not being quite so ginormous...On the train to Canterbury t'other day, I noticed that I can now lower the wee tray for meals, etc. that's attached to the seat in front. (This was always a cause of minor mortification  in the past.)  NB, as usual, I feel conflicted about mentioning stuff like this. I am NOT advocating that everyone should constantly strive to be slim to the point of scrawniness. My obesity did not bother me much, apart from the odd street abuse incident, in my younger years. It's just since the arthritis set in in my 40's that I began to feel more and more hindered by it,, and of course, the harder it was to move, the bigger I got. For me, it's been a positive, if sometimes very unpleasant, experience, eliminating some of my weight. I still believe, though, that it is possible to be reasonably fat and fit, at least in early life. I'm just commenting on my own personal (groan) "journey".