June 1st, 2013


Big Bargain!

I got that ginormous SIMPSONS season 1-20 tome, originally £90 or something, at TK MAXX for £17. Heh!
Finished season 5 of TRUE BLOOD, wich climaxed with a cool final cliffhanger featuring multiple melting eyeballs, exploding heads, etc. Oh yes, and Eric and Bill flashing the flesh, of course. Great fun. I'm now re-visiting TWIN PEAKS, which I still like a lot.
Got me an off-peak return train ticket to Canterbury for Tuesday. Still grotesquely expensive, but certainly less so than one way in the 'animal ambualance'.(They don't seem to have such a service in Canterbury!) It's gonna be a nightmare, though. Sometimes I really do wish I'd learned to drive. (I would never have been able to afford a car, though-) I lashed out and got FIRST CLASS, anyway, so that might make it a little less stressful for the kitteh  (and me!) I really should get a Feliway refill.
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