May 29th, 2013


Mmm, Chinese Takeaway!...

For years, it's annoyed me that there are no Chinese places in my immediate vicinity, just gross fried chicken and kebaby dens. Well, they seem to be working on a place just by the railway station. Yum. I hope it's clean and has lots of veggie stuff.
What is going on with Gillian Anderson's character in the interesting thriller THE FALL? She's so weird and blank. Is she a killer, too?
Went to PureGym yesterday because it was just too wet for the park. Had a really good workout, except for the part were I slid of the lat-fly or whatever it's called, bench and flailed about te floor on my bum while trying not to let go of the bar, which I was afraid would zip up with a lot of horrendous noise. What a spectacle that must hav been. I'm amazed there were no really attractive men around to be horrified by it. Anyhoo, I really should go there at least once a week, to recoup my investment. It's just that outdoor exercise is soo much less vile.
So tired all the time... Nothing appeals like sleep, but there's so much I need to do. Just gave up on a strip I was supposed to illustrate, because it was just too difficult ( buildings, period costumes, lots of detail and dialogue in too little space, etc.) I feel really bad about pissing the writer around for ages, but it just can't be done. (By me, at least.)
Catching up with  TRUE BLOOD, which is still good fun, and Eric and Bill (now buddies-) keep stripping off.
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